I am a User Experience Researcherin Seattle, Washington. I graduated from the School of Information at the University of Washingtonwith a Master's Degree emphasis in Human-Computer Interaction.

My professional experience atMicrosoftin the management of people, information, and technology has prepared me to evaluate and help design customer-facing products and applications. Here is myresume.


For more examples of my work, please go to my portfolio page.

Usability Testing (Summative)

Small Business Server 2012 and Win 8 Mobile
win 8

Goal: Conduct usability tests on live builds of Small Business Server on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Mobile. SBS is a stripped down build of Windows Server specifically designed for small offices.   SBS was redesigned for Windows 8.  Usability tests were performed to evaluate the platform and then test in a mobile setting using Windows 8 on a tablet. 
Highlights: Usability showed a need to better integrate the mobile component with the server software. Quick turn around from start to finish (1 week). Outcome: Recommendations were delivered that suggest a better interface for the mobile experience, esp. with using shared folders for syncing

Usability Testing (Summative)

SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure

Goal: Conduct usability tests on live build withtreo750 SQL Admins; Create first benchmarks and scorecards of new builds. SQL Server 2012 is a new application which introduces a significant changes in  SQL Administration.   SQL Azure was a complete rebuild of SQL Server in the ‘Modern’ design style.  
Highlights: SQL Azure is a complete break from previous SQL versions and has a barrier to use given its reliance on a Windows 8 Modern interface design. Outcome: Recommendations informed the next iteration of SQL Server 2012 so that changes can better move older users into new SQL Azure platform.

Usability Testing (Formative)

Mobile App Experiences for Dev Center

Goal: Perform a series of studies walkingtreo750 participants through A/B versions of different screen flows and information architectures. A new developer app experience was being rolled out by the Developer Division.  
Highlights: Usability showed that overall App purchase experience was satisfactory but screen flows showed some confusion about cancelling orders or going back to Home. Outcome: Recommendations suggested that a minimal design for purchasing Apps increased task completion and that in-app purchasing feature was confusing.      .

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